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Impact Economics

Stuart and In Place Impact are providing training and certification for individuals interested in establishing their own "In Place" consulting firms to incorporate Impact Economics in their localities.

Certified Impact Economics Consultants
Global Impact Consulting

Global Consulting

Stuart provides consultation services to local and national governments, corporations, and family offices on how to use capitalism, business, impact economics, and impact investing to create communities that are economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable for all residents. 


Stuart continues to teach the ImpactX classes at the College of Charleston, the free community ImpactX class, and the ImpactX class at the local prison. He is also instrumental in launching the "Innovate to Graduate" syllabus for students in 3rd through 12th grades. 

He also continues to run his Charleston ImpactX Incubator that helps innovations formed in his student and free community classes get to market and scale. Plus, he continues to run the Rebecca and Stuart Williams Impact Scholars Program at The College of Charleston. 

Impact X in Colleges & Schools
Corpoprate & NGO Boards

Active Boards

Stuart remains actively involved in several boards, both for-profit and non-profit These include the Executive Committee and Board of Governors of School of Business at the College of Charleston, as well as Enlightened Soil Corp.


Stuart is preparing to release his book titled "Pimping Poverty," which refers to the practice of NGOs using poverty to solicit donations that don't reach their intended recipients, as described by community leaders. His upcoming book may permanently damage his reputation with NGOs, Change Makers, and "Saviors," as he will likely not be invited to speak at their events again.

Pimping Poverty A Book by Stuart Williams
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