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"Just the value of the time we receive from Stuart is worth tens of thousands of dollars. Add to that the value of the intellectual capital that is transferred to us, the weekly training, the materials we receive, the friendships we build with like-minded people, and the impact we have in our communities and the value becomes priceless" 

Mike Martin

Impact Economics Certified 

Muncie, Indiana

In 1993 Stuart Williams co-created the thesis of "Making A Profit While Making A Difference"which to many was one of the true catalysts behind today's Corporate Profit for Purpose. Today, Stuart remains a visionary and leader who creates, and or redesigns private and public ecosystems built to succeed through an embracement of Leadership and Management through the lens of Profit for Purpose. 

"The higher the number of people consuming at the table we call planet earth, the faster we must change the menu" ~ 1993


After enjoying a successful career as a business builder, owner and executive (where he used the principles of Leadership and Management through the Lens of Profit for Purpose to create over $1B in realized value for the companies he started, ran and or worked with as an executive), Stuart has spent the past 12 years purposed to help any private or public ecosystem embrace the same strategy.

"In future, the greatest accumulation of financial wealth will be amassed by people or teams that innovate solutions for the social and environmental problems we face" ~ 2008


Jokingly referred to as the "OG of Impact", Stuart is one of the world's leading experts on how to generate the highest and most sustainable corporate profits and investment returns by creating innovations that are solutions for specific segments of humanity and the environment. He is a trusted advisor to recognizable global governments, corporations, and families for the impact initiatives they develop and manage.  

"The futures highest and most sustainable profits, will be delivered by executives who embrace leadership and management through the lens of profit for purpose"  ~ 2008

Today, Stuart spends a great deal of time helping communities embed his design for a new, inclusive economic system called Impact Economics. His family business, In Place Impact, is the only organization in the world that uses Impact Economics so that in the normal course of helping ALL community stakeholders achieve and exceed their goals, it naturally helps communities become economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable for ALL residents. It is all done through business and economics, no one is asked to give up or donate their gains, and it has a heavy focus on helping communities attain the United Nations SDGs.

"What's in our heads makes us marginally dangerous to the status to the status quo, what's in our hearts makes us a global force to be reckoned with" ~ 2015


As Stuart so often says, "inclusion is the begets equity, equity begets resiliency, and resiliency is required for anything to become sustainable". 


Stuart currently holds the following positions:

  • Founder & Chairman, In Place Impact   

  • Director, Be Earth Foundation, a United Nations IGO (Pro Bono)

  • Member of the Council of Inclusive Capitalism With the Vatican (Pro Bono)

  • Member, Board of Governors, The School of Business, College of Charleston (Pro Bono)

  • Founder of the Stuart M. Williams Impact Scholars Program

  • Impact Expert In Residence, College of Charleston (Pro Bono)

  • Impact Advocate, Center for Entrepreneurship, College of Charleston (Pro Bono)

  • Board Member of Multiple Social Impact Start-Ups

  • Board Member, The Corporate Climate Alliance (a 501c3 fighting climate change)


Stuart is also an advisor to numerous Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs, Impact Investors, and business leaders. 

"Of course we must leave a better world for our children, but we must also leave better children for our world" ~ 1998


Using his own blueprint for a Whole Systems Approach that goes way beyond sustainability, Stuart and his team were the first to design and run a project that engaged an entire country to build its emerging economy on the Principles of People, Planet, Profit. In addition to governments, Stuart designs similar programs for private ecosystems such as Corporations, Professional Service Firms, Private Family Offices, Endowments, Foundations and Wealth, Asset and Investment Managers that embed:


  • Making A Profit While Making A Difference

  • Living and Working in The Impact Age

  • Impact Investing

  • CSR

  • Change Management

  • SRI

  • Environmental Conservation

  • Social Change Architecture 

  • Sustainability

  • Impact Entrepreneurship


In 1993 Stuart co-founded and became President & CEO of The Strategic Research Institute (SRI) which he built into one of the world's leading business-to-business conference companies which he sold in 2006 to American Lawyer Media (ALM), a Wasserstein portfolio company. After the sale, he joined the 5-person Executive Committee of ALM that was purposed with integrating numerous portfolio companies in order to sell the business.  This was successfully achieved in August 2007. 


Prior to the Strategic Research Institute Stuart worked in various positions at the London-based corporate finance firm of Berwin LaRoche Group, PLC where as a partner in the firm he helped guide the company through its sale to Dominion International. 


Stuart says he has been lucky enough to have:


  • 3 remarkable children who possess the wonderful attribute of knowing how to love unconditionally;

  • A wife tolerant of living with someone who does not have an off switch;

  • A cadre of lifelong friends who freely try to give more than they ever could take;

  • Experienced failures that have put his life into perspective and made him a better person;

  • Enjoyed successes that without the failures would not have meant so much;

  • Had hundreds of Katrina victims help him more than he ever feels he helped them in the year he spent volunteering for Habitat for Humanity in New Orleans;

  • The privilege of being able to contribute in a small way to building a truly sustainable future;

  • Blessed with an open heart and mind toward collaboration as opposed to competition;

  • Played two sports for his country ; and

  • Been gifted with the ability to effect positive change in the lives of many.

Fun fact, he taught Lady Diana to play tennis and they became great friends. 

Stuart is available for Speaking Engagements, and you can read about his upcoming book in this 3 interview series. 

What he has done for consequential learning and Impact Education can be found here