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"They Are Pimping Our Poverty"

Hiding in Plain Sight

Whether you have enough, need enough, or have simply had enough, it is surely time to say enough is enough to those responsible for perpetuating the America’s Socioeconomic Pyramid. 


Our country is imploding, and it is due to economics. Historically, blame has been placed squarely at the feet of the “greedy” residents of the top of our nation’s socioeconomic pyramid, and the “lazy” people residing at the bottom. However, camouflaged for decades in brilliant narratives meant to deflect us from reality, the real choke points to achieving compromise and unity in America have been hiding in plain sight in segments of the middle, and it is time to shine a spotlight on them.


The resultant effect has been a meme that continually paints business, economics and capitalism as the choke points preventing progress, and the NGO, Change Maker, “Savior”, and Federal Government spaces as the solutions. This book has been written to challenge these false narratives, and to flush out the real choke points that have been hiding in plain sight for decades.

The fact that people wish to completely throw out something that has worked for 80% of the people, as opposed to working hard to give the remaining 20% access to its benefits is beyond my comprehension. Especially then none of the alternatives have been proven to work. 


If I had not already cemented the fact that I would never again be invited to speak at an NGO, Change Maker, “Savior”, or Federal Government event, my new book will undoubtedly seal my fate.

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