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Capitalism for a Better Future 

Stuart Williams designed Impact Economics to help any community become economically, socially and environmentally sustainable for all residents. It is a self-funding, 100% inclusive circular economy that through its natural operation, starts to increase economic vibrancy in ALL community segments, begins reducing poverty and, has a dedicated focus to help adopters attain the SDGs. It provides every community segment with a seat at the table and delivers initiatives that are "wins" for each, but when one wins, they all win. 



Stuart spends a great deal of time mentoring business executives, government leaders, private family offices, and  college students on how to drive the futures highest and most sustainable profits (including financial), for the betterment of humanity and the planet.

Stuart is the Founder & Chairman of In Place Impact.



In 1993 Stuart co-designed the investment, business, humanitarian and environmental thesis of "Making A Profit While Making A Difference".


Today Stuart is recognized as a leading expert on Corporate Profit and Purpose.


Stuart is a global advocate for:


  • Impact Management

  • Impact Investing

  • Impact Entrepreneurship

  • Impact Measurement

  • CSR

  • Corporate Citizenship

  • Corporate Profit & Purpose

  • Impact Cultures


"The Future's Highest & Most Sustainable Profits (Including Financial) Will Be Delivered By Leaders Who Embrace The Business, Investment, Humanitarian and Environmental Thesis Of

"Making A Profit While Making A Difference"


Stuart M. Williams - 2002

Stuart has spoken at the United Nations, presented to The Elders, to Global Heads of State and has been the Keynote speaker at multiple business and corporate forums. His topics include:


  • How leaders can deliver the futures highest and most sustainable financial returns

  • Impact Management

  • Impact Investing

  • Designing new or redesigning existing ecosystems to ensure a sustainable future

  • The future of investment, wealth and asset management

  • How Private Family Offices can embrace and embed sustainability and impact in their governance programs

  • Transforming global finance and the way it is run

  • Why and how global leaders must design their ecosystems to align with the virtues and values of next-generation leaders, decision makers, investors, consumers, and donors

  • Designing and building local living economies

  • The business, investment, humanitarian and environmental thesis of "Making A Profit While Making A Difference"

  • Stranded assets and the communities that rely upon them

  • The real embedded risks of externalities of portfolio assets

  • Living, working and investing during the migration from the "Extraction Age" to the "Impact Age"

  • Social and environmental entrepreneurship

  • Transforming the student loan marketplace



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