“Stuart Williams ‎is one of the most remarkable people it has ever been my privilege to meet. His uniqueness is his ability to function on all the different levels of Corporate affairs. From vision to strategy from tactics to operation Stuart is" at home."If you have an opportunity to get Stuart to join your team just grab it.And by the way unlike all other reference replies I have written I am happy to provide the information given above with responsibility. What more can I say?.”

Lawence Bloom, Sectretary General,

B e Earth Foundation

"Stuart Williams' energy and passion toward improving our world and protecting its resources is amazing to me.  He has spread the word to our students, faculty and staff that we are all living on this Earth together and it is our duty to protect it.  He has gone so far as mentored several graduate and undergraduate students, lectured in our classes, generously donated his personal funds to support our students, and worked with me to develop an index that will indicate the extent companies are doing their part to protect Mother Earth.  We need more Stuart Williams in the world to ensure the health and happiness of future generations." 

Alan T. Shao, Ph.D.,

Dean of the School of Business,

College of Charleston

"Stuart is a master at his business and he delivers beneficial, bottom-line results regardless of the difficulty of the business environment. You want him "in your foxhole" as he will always do the right thing the best way possible to "get the job done." The consummate professional, Stuart can be counted on to be truthful and accurate, while having the most fun possible".

Nathan Mobley, III, President,

Andover Partners 

"Stuart is an outstanding entrepreneur, marketing executive, and operating executive. His ability to deliver high quality experiences across a wide array of industries is second to none. His interpersonal skills and marketing instincts are first class. I've worked with Stuart as a client and subsequently as a partner and colleague - he has a high quality threshold and insists on excellence in his business relationships"

Jeff Phillips, Managing Partner,

Renergy Capital 


Get to know more about Stuart by visiting www.inplaceimpact.com. Please direct all requests for speaking engagements to: Emily@inplaceimpact.com

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