“Donald Trump will be the last Republican president in my lifetime,” Eric Bolling

As someone who has historically voted Democrat I hope Eric Bolling is wrong.

A conservative friend recently pointed me to a statement by a fellow Charleston resident, Eric Bolling, I was somewhat shocked and immediately hoped he was wrong. America was never meant to be a country where +/- 50% of the population live under the totalitarian ideology of the other +/-50%, and, there needs to be a check and balance.

When I pushed my friend as to why that comment was made, he stated that "The Democrats" will give millions of immigrants citizenship, and will make Puerto Rico a full state, thereby securing millions of additional votes. He pointed out that only once since 1992 has a Republican President won the popular vote, and suggested that "the gerrymander of all gerrymanders" will simply secure the future for the Democrats in the White House. We are all aware that Presidents are not elected by the popular vote, but even without the potential "gerrymander of gerrymanders" it does appear that there is a trend happening in the US.

There is no doubt that we have witnessed a split in America that was not caused by Trump, but he did embolden citizens to come forward with their desires and even gave it a name (Trumpism), but the unrest and dissatisfaction had been building for years. This split may result in the formation of extremist (people who will not compromise under any circumstance) political parties, and frankly, I hope it does as it might be the only way that we find a new balance. This is because 42% of American voters are registered as Independent, and a further 23% identify as moderate Republicans and Democrats. That is a full 65% of our populous that is prepared to compromise in order to find solutions to our problems and balance in our policies and politics. Even if 35% of our population opt for an extreme (zero compromise), no matter the split between way right and way left, we will never see a dictator or communist in the Oval Office.

Over the past 6 months I have read a great deal about "unity and compromise", however, they are two completely different things. For example, from personal experience, I know full well that I will never find unity with many of my conservative friends over our vastly differing opinions of Trump's character, but, I have certainly agreed with their applause on some of his policies, and we even found compromise on others.

I have always believed that breakdowns allow for break throughs, so no matter our political affiliation, maybe it is time to look for compromise and bipartisan solutions. In all of our lives, if we do not compromise in our marriages they often end in divorce, if we do not compromise in our friendships they often leave us, and if we do not compromise with our customers and clients they find other partners. Maybe it is time we applied the same rationale to our politics.

So, even as someone who has historically voted Democrat, I hope and pray Eric Bolling is wrong as we need balance, but, I do feel that maybe the only way we can prove him wrong is to allow the extremists to form their own parties, leaving the rest of us to come together with common sense, purpose for a greater good, and compromise.

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