1776 and The Hypocrisy of Today

Preface: What is still happening too many people of color is a disgrace, on the other hand, most reasonable people believe that there is no excuse for subsequently killing innocent people and or destroying their property in riots. But it has not always been that way in America.

A little over 240 years ago, British subjects residing in 13 Colonies were pushed to the edge and revolted to form a new nation. Today, every July 4th, we go to great lengths to celebrate how the protests and revolts of those Colonists formed America, however, at the same time, many people are condemning Americans who are today protesting and revolting against modern day subjugation. Believe me, I am not for one moment advocating taking human life and or destroying the property of innocent people, what I am saying however, is that we should not forget that the people that fought to free themselves from subjugation from GB did the same thing.

Are protests and revolts noble? That depends upon which side you are on as I am sure that the British Colonists and the Russian and French peasants would feel justified in their actions, while their subjugators would have a different perspective. The Colonists did not protest peacefully, they destroyed people's property, and they killed anyone who stood in their way. Once they had won their freedom from oppression, what did they do? Slavery, genocide on indigenous people, oppression of women, etc., all that were embedded in the new society for decades. Look, America is not the only country to ever do this, in fact, my homeland (Great Britain) may be the worst colonialist in history, but the hypocrisy happening in the US today is palpable.

To me, it is beyond hypocritical that this nation can annually celebrate the vicious uprising of subjugated people in the 13 Colonies, while at the same time screaming foul about something similar happening today. Frankly, those doing so are acting exactly like the subjugators this country fought so hard to defeat. The same level of hypocrisy is carried over to Christians supporting and actually condoning the lifestyle choices Trump has made by finding anything in the Bible that they can point at to support their desires. We all know that the Bible carries way more verses slamming such behaviors than it does supporting them. Finally, just watching people like Cruz, Paul, Haley, and Graham, etc., so vehemently demeaning Trump in 2015 and 16, and then seeing how they treat him today, puts the icing on the cake for me.

Sadly, many people could clearly see the writing on the wall, I certainly did when I authored this in June 2016:

Do Not Write Off The Reality of Trump & His Tactics

It has long been said that civil unrest in the US will not come from an ethnic minority but from the "forgotten white fe/male" who believe (with valid reasons) that their needs are always being overlooked. It is factions of these people who are stocking arsenals of weapons, believe in white supremacy and are growing in number. Furthermore, according to Political Research Associates 97% of mass shootings are committed by white males.

This may not seem like a sea change that could swing an election unless we look at the race make up in America where we find that +/- 197,000,000 (almost 67%) of US Citizens are white. Add to this that 47% of voting age public are stating they are independent, and we can begin to see what Trump is doing - going on a sell-out strategy to get as much of the "forgotten white fe/male" vote as he can. If he gets +/- 61,000,000 votes from the right states he will at worst win, and at best he will not so surreptitiously incite a race and humanitarian divide that could lead to a level of civil unrest and a divide in our nation that has not been seen since before the mid 60's.

Every day, we are exposed to surreptitious advertisers using secretive communication practices meant to mislead us about products or services. I believe Trump and his strategists have done their homework and have designed and are executing a brilliant game plan based upon how they believe they can win.

We may be witnessing the rants of a mad man, but they are backed through research conducted by a bright, calculating, powerful team of people who have done their homework, crunched the numbers and believe they have found a niche they can exploit to win the election. It is time to stop writing off Trump and his brain trust as this is for real.

In a recent interview in December 2019 about the above, the interviewer (a Republican) wrote:

"I guess we can all decide how right or wrong Williams was with this prediction, however, if you believe he was right, you may wish to know that he is predicting a meltdown of society based upon the promotion of division and hate that have become monikers of the Trump administration. “Before the end of his first term we will see blood in our streets as a result of a broken system, which is not to be confused with a system being broken by the unrest” has says". The full interview can be found here.

The above is not written by some kind of liberal "hack" but by someone who believes in empowerment over entitlement, who heavily criticizes both parties, and actually agrees with (and even at times applauds) some of Trumps policies. However, today, many of those policies are like rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic because the gapping hole in the side is the divide and hate that have overrun this nation. What we are witnessing today is happening in Trumps America. It is happening because great leaders take some of the credit when things go well, and all of the blame when they do not, whereas terrible leaders do the opposite. Zero accountability equates to zero leadership and hence this country is rudderless ship careening towards to the rocks of history, period, end of the story.

In summary, "We the people" revolted against subjugation to form America which clearly shows that if you push people far enough, history tells us the results. This article, "History Has A Habit of Repeating Itself", clearly shows the inevitable outcome if “We the people” adopt the stance of the subjugators.

So, in November, we can be evangelists for hypocrisy or evangelists for compromise.

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