How Stranded Assets Won The Election

Stranded Assets – commonly described as in-ground reserves of hydro carbons that will never be used; often fought over as either assets or liabilities on a hydro carbon company’s balance sheet; often debated over as things that should be left in the earth.

Here is a reality – the real stranded Assets in America won the 2016 election.

Four years ago the article you will find here was first published.

Three years ago the article you will find here was first published.

Stranded Assets are not only in ground reserves of hydro carbons, they are also the people left behind when human innovation, technology and or necessity forces a change of age. Today’s stranded assets made the electoral map of the US look like it was covered in blood which is ironic as the interior of our nation as been “bleeding” for decades.

I am a democrat and the team I am on just lost the election because the real stranded assets were forgotten by too many of us. For years (and I am guilty) we have sat around and intellectually pontificated about issues that are real and important to us - climate change, gender inequality, racial bias, LGTBQ rights, the environment, poverty, etc., etc., etc. For decades we have convened in the hallowed halls of revered educational institutions, think tanks and not for profits, conferences and events that are expensive to attend and or get to, the UN, coffee shops and wine bars, “solving” the problems of the world and self aggrandizing ourselves about our purpose in life. We have focused on “third world nations” forgetting that we have “third world” communities all over America. It all made sense until we just got a wake up call that we need to be more inclusive as the real “stranded assets” in America have spoken.

We can apportion all the blame we want on fundamentalism and not being “east coast elitists” but the reality is we just lost so like it or not, with the election rules set up as they currently are (and they are not changing anytime soon) we have to have a better game plan next time. It is time we took Americas real stranded assets “out of the ground” with a focus on bridging the gap and developing a better understanding of each other and helping if we can. You may argue that we already are trying to do that but even if we disagree, we must surely be of the same mind that we did not speak loudly enough to them.

Many of us who live “by the water” either fly over or away from the middle of our nation when pursuing our work focused on global change. It is time we met with and listened to the needs of all of our fellow Americans and it is for this reason that next year I am starting an annual drive across America called “Rip It Up”. The “Resilient In Place Impact Tour” is purposed to Rip Up the divides between Americans and is a two week, coast to coast journey, stopping in some of our most impoverished cities and towns to listen, witness and learn with no judgment other than talking about impact entrepreneurship. Where there is a desire we will then go back and institute a chapter of InPACT to help.

I believe Trump is going to create millions of infrastructure jobs by privatizing our roads, rails etc., etc. Wall Street will fund this with low cost of capital bonds and they will make another fortune. More of the commons will be owned by even less of the people (if that is possible) and millions of people will vote from Trump and or Republicans for years to come as they were given jobs. Providing jobs is a great thing, widening the already “civil unrest” creating income gap is not.

In a very recent conversation with my dear friend Lawrence Bloom he asked that I republish the piece I wrote when Trump first stated he was going to run. I do so (below) because for the past 18 months I was fearful of being were we are now and hence my design for InPACT and the tour.

Its time we get out of our “ivory towers” and meet people “where they are” to deliver in place impact that has migrated from whole systems thinking to whole systems doing.

The Reality of Trump & His Not So Stupid Tactics Which Should Make US All Get Out and Vote To Stop Him.

It has long been said that civil unrest in the US will not come from an ethnic minority but from the "forgotten white fe/male" who believes that their needs are always being overlooked. It is factions of these people who are stocking arsenals of weapons, believe in white supremacy and are horrifically growing in number. Furthermore, according to Political Research Associates 97% of mass shootings are committed by white males.

This may not seem like a sea change that could swing an election unless we look at the race make up in America where we find that +/- 197,000,000 (almost 67%) of US Citizens are white. Add to this that 47% of voting age public are stating they are independent and we can begin to see what Trump is doing - going on a sell out strategy to get as much of the "forgotten white fe/male" vote as he can. At worst he wins, at best he is not so surreptitiously inciting a race and humanitarian divide that could lead to a level of civil unrest and a divide in our nation that has not been seen since before the mid 60's.

Everyday we are exposed to surreptitious advertisers using secretive communication practices meant to mislead us about products or services. I believe Trump and his strategists have done their homework and have designed and are executing a brilliant game plan based upon how they believe they can win.

We are not witnessing the rants of a mad man, but a bright, calculating, powerful team of people who have done their homework, crunched the numbers and believe they have found a niche they can exploit to win the election. It is time to stop writing off Trump and his brain trust as this is for real.

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