Forget Donald vs Hillary this is America vs History

It is not Hillary vs Donald. It is not even Republican vs Democrats. It is America vs History.

America was becoming the warring cultures of America instead of the United States of America long before Donald or Hillary took the stage. Historians have always known that this time would come as it has been endemic within every single nation or empire that was ever bestowed with the moniker of "superpower".

Any rudimentary review of history confirms the fact that no nation or empire ever bestowed with the title of "superpower" has been able to keep it. Deeper research reveals that one of the major contributing factors to the demise of all of them was civil unrest due to the gap between the haves and have nots, different cultures, religions etc., becoming insurmountable. The resultant effect in every case was implosion from within so least we forget revolutions in the 13 Colonies, France, Russia, etc., etc.

The above is not Donald's or Hillary's fault and frankly it is not the fault of either political party. If we wish to apportion any blame, what we need to do is look in the mirror as the human nature embedded within us for thousands of years has been "more is better". Unfortunately, it has been more is better for "me" and not, more is better for "us". Therefore, the answer is far more difficult and complex than voting for Donald or Hillary as it boils down to changing human nature from a program of compete to collaborate and from transact to transform. Not an easy task but one that is critical in the survival of America and frankly humanity at large as we have become a complex system within which the actions of one affects the actions of all.

What we are witnessing in the different view points of Donald and Hillary is that the former wishes to make the divide between the warring cultures of America even greater, and the latter wishes to make them narrower and dare I say eradicate them. History has shown us time and time again (100% of the time in fact) that Donald's approach will end in the collapse of the United States as a "superpower". On the other hand (and to be fair) we do not know what Hillary's solution will result in as in the past efforts to do so often came too late. (What Madiba achieved in SA might end up being an exemplar - only time will tell).

History is littered with a list of leaders who continued to lead their nation or empire on the road to collapse. I say continued because many of them did not start the problems, they simply chose to ignore all the warning signs and either magnified them, or at least continued down the same path.

In summary.

What we are really voting for is to fundamentally change America in a manner that will move away from the very reasons it was founded resulting in a total change to the fabric of the country and from what history tells us its likely demise. If this works for you then vote for Donald. Or, to try to uphold the reasons it was founded and to maintain the vision of its founders and its position in the world, and from what history tells us we do not know if that will work but at least there is hope. If this works for you vote for Hillary. What we do know is that to date, the moniker of "superpower" is something a country should not strive to achieve but like it or not that is where we are.

Frankly I applaud them both for standing up to suffer the "slings and arrows of outrageous fortune and to take arms against a sea of troubles". They are both brave enough to put up with the ridicule and personal life proctology exam that accompanies their journey and yes, they are both human beings with families and friends that care for and about them. They have every right to believe in their philosophy and beliefs and to try and gain traction however they see fit as long as it is legal (and in my opinion moral). However, I believe that history needs to be injected into the decision making process and that is something that neither of them can lie about.

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