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  • Emily Williams

March 29th is Stuart M. Williams Day in Charleston, SC

On March 29th, 2023, Mayor John Tecklenburg issued a proclamation that March 29th has become Stuart M. Williams day in Charleston, SC.

Some highlights include:

  • Designing, helping fund, and still helping teach the award winning ImpactX Class at the College of Charleston. Stuart has now donated over 11,000 hours of his time in the past 10-years.

  • For the past 7-years, Stuart has taught the ImpactX class totally for free to residents of the greater Charleston region. Over 700, people have taken the free evening class, with over 70% of the participants being women, 60% being minorities, and 50% residing in great Charleston's most marginalized community segments.

  • Starting and funding the Rebecca and Stuart M. Williams Impact Scholars program at the College of Charleston

  • For the past 14 months teaching the ImpactX Class one per week at the Al Cannon detention Center in North Charleston.

  • Using Charleston, SC as the US catalyst and exemplar for the creation and global roll out of Impact Economics.

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