• Stuart Williams

Hold Me Responsible

Anyone with a modicum of common sense has zero issue with appropriate people owning appropriate guns.

However, 50 cowards called Republican Senators will not see to it that the will of almost 90% of the people is put into force.

As a gun owner I would have zero issue being held liable for how it is used, and by whom.

1. Do all the background checks you want on me before I can buy one. I really don't care because I will pass them

2. If I want to sell my guns or trade them up, make the retailers buy them back from me, at a price that they can resell them to someone else who will also undergo and pass a background check

3. If I am stupid enough to give my guns away, or to sell them to someone who them to commit a crime, hold me also responsible

4. If I am stupid enough to leave them unprotected, with the ordnance in or near them, and someone takes or steals them and uses them to commit a crime, hold me also responsible

5. If I have been prudent and kept them secure etc and they are stolen, and used to commit a crime, let me defend myself that I did everything a prudent person would to keep them secure and away from anyone inappropriate

6. If a retailer or manufacturer sells direct to a consumer and does not do an appropriate background check and the gun is used to commit a crime, hold them liable.

I hope people run out of excuses to implement sensible gun control before we run out of children.

This is not rocket science

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