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Preface: What happened to George Floyd is a disgrace, and there is no excuse for subsequently killing other innocent people and or destroying their property in riots.

However, tell me why when British subjects residing in 13 Colonies were pushed to the edge and revolted we celebrate it every July4th, but at the same time, we do not expect any other group of people to revolt when they are pushed to the edge?

Insurrections are often the effect of subjugation. Are they noble? That depends upon which side you are on. The British Colonists and the Russian and French peasants would say yes, however, we cannot have one rule for one community of people and another rule for others.

America was founded upon insurrection after which the newly formed nation went on a wholesale slaughter and genocide of the indigenous people that lived in it. Needless to say, America is not the only country to ever do this, in fact, my homeland (Great Britain) may be the worst colonialist in history. However, it is ironic that today, many American's are now horrified at a group of people revolting against being subjugated and pushed to the edge.

When "American's" rose up against the Brits (and for good reason) they killed loyalists, they destroyed people's property and, in the end, they won their freedom which we celebrate every July 4th. it is a shame that we are unable to access the thoughts of Louis VXI of France, Nicholas II of Russia, or numerous other leaders who pushed their people to the edge. It would also be enlightening to get the thoughts of numerous Chiefs of America's First Nations People, however, so many of them were slaughtered.

I am not for one moment advocating taking human life and or destroying the property of innocent people, what I am saying however, is that we should not forget that the people that fought to free themselves from subjugation from GB did the same thing.

If you push people far enough, history tells us the results, this article "History Has A Habit of Repeating Itself" discusses the inevitable outcome if “we the people” do not change course.

Gandhi had it right, he freed an entire nation through peace.


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