The Status Quo

The Greatest Pyramid Scheme in History

"What is in our heads will make us marginally dangerous to the status quo,

what is in our hearts will make us a global force to be reckoned with"


~ Stuart M. Williams, College of Charleston MBA Commencement Speech, 2016

We will all have a chance to design our lives in the Impact Age. Democratization, disruption, and disintermediation are rallying cries for the Millennial and next generations. Below are just some of the chapters this book covers in providing everyone with the knowledge, tools, information, contacts, context, and courage required to participate in, and benefit from changing the status quo. 

The Impact Age 

The original Renaissance took us out of the Dark Ages. Will the Impact Renaissance prevent us from returning to a modern day equivalent?

From Robber Barons to

Impact Barons

Many of America's wealthiest families are focused on Impact Investing. Meet some of them and learn why they believe it is so important.

Bottom Up Innovations

Are Imperatives

Top-Down alone does not work. The choke points preventing the flow of Top-Down capital to Bottom-Up innovations must be released. Learn how that can be done.

Only Two Things Are Too

Big To Fail

Humanity and the environment that supports it are the only things that are too big to fail. Learn why investments in humanity and the planet will provide the futures highest and most sustainable financial returns. 

Your Children's Future

What do you want for your children? Education? Careers? Society? Environment?  Learn about things you can do today that will help drive a better future for tomorrow. 

Eradicating Economic Entrapment 

Economic entrapment is alive and well. Whether it is burdening students with debts they will have for decades or fueling opioid epidemics, it is time for change.

Fixing The Cause Not

The Effects

While media and governments want us all focused on effects, the causes of poverty, entrapment, remaining on the hamster's wheel etc., go unsolved.  It is time to start focusing on the cause.

It's An Impact Life

Just like the Stone, Bronze and Iron Age's did not end because we ran out of the resources they were named for, the hydrocarbon age will not end because we run out of hydrocarbons. Read about 50 things you can do (at no cost) to migrate into the Impact Age. 

Changing the Shape

of Humanity

Learn how we can change the shape of humanity from a pyramid scheme, to a circular economy that provides for all stakeholders. 

An Inclusive Economy

The people living the problems are those who can solve them if  they are empowered to participate in  developing them.

A Better Future for All

The world's largest corporations are starting to embrace a system of Shared Values. Learn how this can be leveraged for the benefit of all communities. 

The Consumer to

Consumer Economy

Creating disruption, democratization, and disintermediation is the focus of many, many entrepreneurs today. We discuss how and why anyone can participate in and benefit from this trend.  


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