To Be or Not To Be That is The Question

On September 12th 2001, America woke up to a new normal. The previously unthinkable had happened resulting in many of us losing loved ones and friends (myself included). The outcome led to many American's reassessing what was important in life. For those of us living in or very close to New York City, this included where to live, where to work and where to raise our children. For those of us who were business owners, we also had to rethink our contingency planning strategies. My business was based in New York City. In 1991 I had co-founded the Strategic Research Institute that over the 10 years prior to 2001 had grown in to one of the world's leading C-Suite, business-to-business conference

A Strategic Inflection Point

I like to look at the world in terms of paradigm shifts. Recently I have come to the conclusion that the global growth of the “Making A Profit While Making A Difference” thesis will create a paradigm shift that drives opportunity for everyone. The old paradigm of fixing social and environmental problems was, go to college, graduate, make some money, then one day give some back to people purposed to fixing the problems. The new paradigm that is being encouraged all over the world is “make a profit while making a difference”. This means that in short order, millions (frankly probably tens of millions) of people all over the world will be focused on making money while solving the social a

Stuart M Williams Impact Scholars at The College of Charleston

Well, here they are, the 2017 Stuart M Williams Impact Scholars at The College of Charleston. From left to right, Carlie Christenson; Katie Hill; Sophia Troya; Connie Epps; Mya Belden; LaTosha Andrade; Brandon Williams. Over the next weeks, I will provide all my friends an opportunity to get to know these remarkable young people. Some have already started exceedingly successful businesses, one carried over 50 credits into college from high school; someone came all the way from Ecuador to learn how to solve the problems in her country; someone spent over 5 years serving America in the military. Their academic and impact achievements are already impeccable, but they want to do more. Watch


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