Will Impact Investing Cause The Demise of The Raison d'Etre It Is Founded Upon?

I was a huge proponent of SRI in the very early 90's when with Susan Davis I co-created a series of events and programs that led to the investment and business thesis of, "Making A Profit While Making A Difference". However, having seen SRI morph into ESG, TBL, and most recently Impact, I have been a proponent (since 2000) of writing a very heartfelt and classy obituary for all of them as I believe the nomenclature itself has been polarizing and that there is a real danger of the “baby being thrown out with the bath water”. The baby in this case being the underlying investment and business imperatives that SRI, TBL, ESG and Impact are all founded upon, i.e., the use of humanitarian and envir


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