The Next Global Superpower - It Might Not Be What We Think

Throughout history the moniker of “Superpower” has been bestowed upon nations who either through conquest or, as in the case of the United States, economic superiority is deemed to be the most powerful in the world. Needless to say, to date there has not been a “Superpower” capable of holding its moniker, and as such, the seat of power has generally migrated from west to east. Furthermore, there is a school of thought suggesting that unless the current incumbent learns from history, the migration will continue. Today, information is ubiquitous and the ability for people around the globe to connect continues to grow at exponential rates. Facebook alone reports more than 1 billion global users

From Conscience To Common Sense: Why Making A Positive Impact Will Result in Higher Profits and Inve

In 25 years of developing the business and investment thesis of “Making A Profit While Making A Difference” I am yet to hear a single negative connotation about that initiative however, all too often I do hear “making apositive impact reduces margins”. It is about time that everyone realized that the latter is far from the case. There is no doubt that in the late eighties and through the nineties one of the “rallying cries” of passionate people involved in Socially Responsible Investing was that leaders and investors should “vote with their conscious”. This mantra was used because the small number of simulations that actually proved SRI yielded at least market returns (and in some cases high


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