Since the start of the pandemic, communities around the world have been calling for help. As usual, Stuart Williams purposed In Place Impact to answer those calls, and in doing so, the company created a unique "Covid Recovery" certification model that will be available for the rest of 2021. 

For more information on why now is the time to become certified (an 85% savings), click the button below.

An Impact Economics Certification provides you with multiple unique benefits that make it difficult for potential clients to use anyone else, because as an Impact Economics Certified Consultants you can:

1. Win the business from clients across the community stakeholder spectrum and be the company that accredits them as "Impact Economics Accredited" within your community 

2. Get paid for the value you provide bye leveraging In Place Impact's unique shared values, circular economy consulting fee model 


3. Use the unique on-line consulting tools (The Corporate Impact Index and The City/Community Impact Index) designed by In Place Impact

4. Create and embed the Impact Economics model in your community for the benefit of all community stakeholders and community segments


5. End being reliant on other consulting businesses to "bring you in"

6. Use the In Place Impact and Impact Economics Certified brand and logo via the Certified in Impact Economics licensing agreement

7. Use the syllabus and curriculums developed to embed Impact studies and consequential learning into

educational institutions in your community

8. Use all of the legal contracts and other materials provided via certification that In Place Impact paid over $100,000 thousand dollars to develop

9. Become part of a global network of consultants that will transform the consulting industry 

10. Be a go-to person in your community for Impact Economics and the development of a sustainable future 

11. Help transform the global consulting industry and contribute to this kind of potential IMPACT

12. Build your own company that has all the potential in the world to make a profit while making a difference

Plus much more......

Important Note

In Place Impact will only accept certification applications from people who are as passionate about making a difference as they are about the potential of making a profit. Accordingly, each person or team must apply. Successful applicants will pay less than $40 an hour for world class tuition.