In Place Impact will only certify people who are as passionate about the purpose of Impact Economics as they are about the financial profit it can return. This mandate is reflected in the application.


Impact Economics was designed by Stuart Williams and his family. It took over a decade to design and almost an equal amount of time to live test and prove that it works. Thus, after almost 20 years, and over $8m of investment, it was ready to be scaled at the end of 2019. Initially, certifications were earned through a one week, fully immersive, in person class at the College of Charleston in Charleston SC. Due to the pandemic, certifications are now earned by attending 4 hours of virtual classes each week for 10 weeks. 

In Place Impact has certified people in the United States, Liberia, Costa Rica, Honduras, & Guatemala. In the May 2021 cohort there will be people from America, England, Belize, and other countries. 


Over the past 8-months, In Place Impact has received hundreds of calls for help from communities wishing to find ways to become more resilient. Because of this, the Williams family have answered the call by reducing the certification cost to $1495 for those who have called for help and or participate in their Impact Economics rooms in Club House, and $1995 for those who cannot comply with the aforementioned filters. This offer is only available for classes held in 2021.


The pre-pandemic cost of certification was $10,000, which came with a 100% free scholarship for a person in need nominated by the individual paying the fee and, a territory that was exclusive for the individual and or team being certified. A Covid Recovery Certification does not include the aforementioned.

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Important Information

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Certification in Impact Economics requires 40 hours of tuition, a test, and the execution of In Place Impact's certification/licensing agreement. The May 2021 class commences on Tuesday, May 4th with the following schedule.  

Weekly on Tuesdays from May 4th through July 6th, 1pm - 3pm EST

Weekly on Thursdays from May 6th, through July 8th 1pm - 3pm EST

Make-up classes are run on Saturday mornings from 10am - 12noon EST


Please revisit the "Covid Recovery Certification" page at In Place impact and compete the online application toward the bottom of the page. Our team will contact you within 48 business hours as to whether or not your application was successful.